The Other Fall Color

we are enjoying a warm autumn so far here in zone 6a. following heavy rains, I got out to some of my county’s public land to scout for Fungi or whatever else I could find.

my primary motivations were to find some subject matter for my upcoming submission for the NSSWNY newsletter, build my photo reference library, find species I hadn’t encountered yet get some exercise and have a lot of fun. fortunately I managed to do all the above! Here are some highlights:

one of the first Fungi I encountered near the trail head. wild looking guttation seeping out of a waxy/gelatinous polypore. I have not found an ID for this species yet, although i did find another very similar photo on another blog. also unidentified!

very reminiscent of some Iscnoderma resinosum specimens i found last October at a different county park. you can see them on my old instagram account here and here

how about a closeup on those droplets!

Further In, I stumbled upon a fallen log with some impressive cascades of Lion’s Mane .

I encountered these pale violet mushrooms at several locations. they appear to be in the genus Cortinarius and are possibly a Gassy Webcap (Cortinarius traganus), but if anyone out there has a better idea please let me know.

bright orange Mycena leaiana

as far as projects in the works, I will be working on drawings of some of the botanical wonders of this season, wintergreen and spicebush to name some, but more on that later

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