Benevolent Weirdo and Tickbait in Chief, C.Domino
from Heinz Ketchup Creativity, my original drawing on the left with the final printed version on the right

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a wild necrophage appeared!

I am a Biological Fantasy Artist based based in WNY working in mixed media and digital art. I like to invent my own phylogenies to systematize mythical beasts. I also dabble in wildlife art and palaeoart.

My nature illustrations have been featured in the quarterly publication Nature Sanctuaries from the Nature Sanctuary Society of Western NY

I also sell my work as cards and prints in small shops locally.

Another (unusual) place you may have seen my work was on a ketchup packets! As a budding young possum, I entered my work for Heinz Ketchup Creativity contest back in 2006. My Art Nouveau inspired design was printed on 16 million packets and were available in cafeterias and restaurants nationwide.

Other hobbies include but are not limited to: suburban scavenging, roadkill recycling, noxious weed consumption, permaculture and pollinator gardening. I’m interested in topics pertaining to conservation, evolutionary biology, animal behavior, ethnobotany, philology, freeganism, homesteading and off-grid living.

About My Materials:

For my mixed media work I use whatever will get the job done. I particularly enjoy using ink in the form of all varieties of pens, markers and even liquid inks.

I often sketch in water based marker and ballpoint pen, and I use alcohol and acrylic marker on my finished work with colored pencil and gel pens for detail and texture.

I also use digital art programs like FireAlpaca and Procreate to produce digital art, which allows me almost unlimited possibilities to get images out of my head. I like the clean look of digital art, though I find the traditional media far more satisfying to work in.

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